Do Not Relent - A World Of Warcraft Podcast

Do Not Relent is a podcast where three goobers discuss their time in the World of Warcraft. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe you’ll even throw up a little. So hold onto those vantus runes and pull that loa loaf out of the cooking fire- its time for some delicious WoW podcasting goodness.

Episode #14 - Show Me Your Tricornes!

March 15th, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Immunziation, and Aaron as they discuss their time in the world of warcraft! You'll be taken on a wild ride of more ridiculous unexplained references as they dig deep into the new 8.1.5 patch! 

You'll get your fill on the new Kul'Tiran race, new story lines, you'll get a mini-review on the 1995 movie Casper and much more!

but most importantly of all: the ghost moose can now take to the skies!

Episode #13 - 8.1.5 Hype!

March 8th, 2019

Listen to your favorite three boys discuss the World of Warcraft! This episode you'll get the deepest of deep cuts, more vulgarity than you can shake a stick at, and a whole heaping helping of 8.1.5 hype!

Episode #12- Mess with Knaifu, Lose Your Laifu

March 4th, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron as they delve back into the world of Azeroth to discuss the goings ons on its denizens. Raiding, both current and future, is featured in the top half of the show, followed by reports on the Brawler's Guild and the most shocking, important hat-based news you will ever receive. This will be every WoW player's JFK moment. "Where were you when [REDACTED] was revealed?!"

Have fun and give it a listen!

Episode #11 - Now Recruiting for the Kul Tiran Navy (feat. Special Guest Peddlefeet)

February 24th, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron as they re-affirm that this is a Clockstoppers 2 podcast.  The DNR boys discuss their progress through the DAZZA raid, upcoming quest lines, allied race dance moves, and more!  You can expect the typical drunk hi-jinks, Timewarp Trivia, and in-game interviews.  Growliina has taken on the important responsibility of recruiting members for the Kul Tiran Navy.  Also, for the first time, guests have stumbled their way into the Boralus studio!  Appearances are made by field correspondent Growliina and Peddlefeet, the Love Is In The Air goblin cupid.

Episode #10 - Will The Real Clockstoppers Please Stand Up?

February 14th, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Aaron, and Immunization as they talk about the World of Warcraft! Hear about more DAZZA raid antics, how Ma'ra Grimfang got her groove back, the insanity of the hive mind quest, and the struggles of naming a Kul Tiran ship!

You'll also get endless sidebars that take you into the terrifying world of the new Aladdin trailer, the crazy voice acting world of Hayao Miyazaki flicks, and the 2002 box office smash hit Clockstoppers!

Get your WoW podcast fix and keep on not relenting!

Episode #9 - Put it in Dazar’alor, D-A-Z-Z-A!

February 10th, 2019

Join the Do Not Relent boys on this special birthday edition (HBD to Mewtwo, Ronald Reagan, Axl Rose, and oh, Aaron!) as they discuss the new Sylvanas/Baine cutscene, new hunter pet models, the Lunar New Year event, the mythic first race, and more!  As always, you can expect a live report from Growliina, Timewarp Trivia, and Sexy NPCs!  Also please note, this is now a RuPaul's Drag Race Podcast. #TeamMonet #TeamTrinity 

Episode #8 - A Horde-ible Situation

February 3rd, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron as they continue to explore the shores of Dazar'Alor as it is besieged by the brave men and women of the Alliance. Fights are discussed, opinions are shared, and Slidewhistle has a shocking reveal as to who stepped on who! Topics include the Seige on Dazar'Alor, possible future story content, and which canine cutie has attracted Growliina's gaze.  









Manila was robbed! All-Stars Season 4 is a sham

Episode #7 - Dazar’alor Is Burning

January 27th, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Aaron, and Immunization as they talk about the World of Warcraft! They riff about the new raid in Dazar'alor, sing songs from Hey Arnold, and dig deep and dirty into the war campaign! Slidewhistle was also a guest on Whispers Of War! Give it a listen at 


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Episode #6 - Tinker Class and Horde Quests and Rollercoasters, oh my!

January 17th, 2019

Join Slidewhistle, Aaron, and Immunization as they imagine what a possible new World of Warcraft quest would be.  The Do Not Relent boys continue their drunken stupor through the new year as they discuss choice-driven quest lines, the status of Horde/Alliance leaders, profession updates, and more!  Aaron continues his Quest for Hat and it's Slide's turn to pull timewarp!  Also, apparently they decided to keep to their promise of becoming an ASMR podcast.

Episode #5 - 2019 Ways to Love Your Main

January 10th, 2019

The boys of Do Not Relent Pod have stumbled out of hibernation and are ready to greet a new year in the World of Warcraft! Join Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron as they discuss aspirations, perspiration, and the collectibles that they will dedicate their lives to finding! Also featured inside: Tales of Paladins and the bananas they crave! Hot Monster Hunter tips! And enough bumbling and fumbling that SURELY subsequent episodes in 2019 can only get better!