On this week's episode, join the boys of Do Not Relent, AKA Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron as they talk about this week in World of Warcraft!

Excellent news everyone! Slidewhistle's hearthstone toy has been locked behind The Burning Crusade: Classic, leading to much celebration in the studio. Torghast changes and cosmetics are discussed, old-as-balls wizards are compared & contrasted, and our Sexiest NPC of the World bracket enters its final iteration. Growliina returns and Slide tells BLATANT LIES about Aaron's ability to play spooky games.

Please send all your love mail, hate mail, and pictures of any other Resident Evil 8 NPC (there are more scares than the big boobah vampire, gang) to @DoNotRelentPod (Twitter) or on gmail at DoNotRelentPod@gmail.com! We will respond to literally anything and read it on the pod.

Feel free to check out our DNR Instagram account @DoNotRelent if that's something your interested in. Fans of the written word can check out our LiveJournal at https://donotrelent.livejournal.com/

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