On this week's episode, join the boys of Do Not Relent, AKA Slidewhistle, Immunization, and Aaron as they talk about this week in World of Warcraft!

Changes are coming to the ol' World of Warcraft in its 9.1 update, but nothing's changing for your 3 favorite(?) boys. Sildewhistle enters The Burning Crusade: Classic, 9.1 brings different ways to get the many many collectibles we all crave, and we begin the charge to have everyone on Earth throw up their hands and give Pelswick their spirit energy so he can kill Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb.

Growliina even returns from her 15 minutes of fame to bring us a report, and a slimy sensual Sexiest NPC is named to start the road up to the TAFABBAS!

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