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Slidewhistle, Immunization, Aaron, and Cubbybub came together, live and in-person, for one day to run you down the announcement we've all been waiting for: World of Warcraft's 9th expansion, "Dragonflight!" The gang gets EXTRA rowdy on this one and discuss (or for Aaron, shout in the air about) the announcement cinematic, the new playable race and class, and some general other news that will be coming to the Dragon isles!

Goofs are had, jokes are told, and loud opinions are embarrassingly turned down by the editor who originally shouted them. Fans of drunken specials will really get a kick out of this one!

Please send all your love mail, hate mail, and some Advil (a fun couple'a days really knocks a boy out) to @DoNotRelentPod (Twitter) or on gmail at! We will respond to literally anything and read it on the pod.

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Additionally, here are the links to the charities that Blizzard employees have asked us to support in the wake of the sexual harassment and gender inequality lawsuit:

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