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Slidewhistle, Immunization, Aaron (and Cubbybub, but she ain't on this one) are currently sick with the COVID-19 virus, but not even illness can slow them down! Interviews were combed through all week, Twitter Spaces were dutifully attended, and our three boys are here to give you the Dragonflight news you need to know!

(Jokes aside, we're now okay and not in any serious danger, but that is because the four of us have all been vaccinated and properly boosted. If for some reason you have not taken these life-saving steps yet, please go get vaccinated against COVID-19 IMMEDIATELY! It's safe, quick, free, and we can all officially, from first-hand experience, tell you that it WORKS! Go and protect yourself!)

Please send all your love mail, hate mail, and mugs of tea (all our throats are gunked) to @DoNotRelentPod (Twitter) or on gmail at! We will respond to literally anything and read it on the pod.

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Additionally, here are the links to the charities that Blizzard employees have asked us to support in the wake of the sexual harassment and gender inequality lawsuit:

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